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"Lift-It" is an app designed to save you hours of calculations!

Validate your Lugs design to AISC & ASME Standards


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Design a Lifting lug? check an existing one? or select a shackle?

Validate your lifting lugs design to AISC 13th Edition and ASME BTH-1 standards, or enter the load you want to lift and the App will design the proper lifting lug for you.

This App also helps you select the Proper Shackle for the load;

Sample Lugs Module can propose Lugs Shapes for a load up to 120,000 Lbs. per Lug

Calculation for simple and complicated lug shapes to multiple factors of safety includes:
- Various Geometry Checks
- Tensile Strength as per AISC and ASME
- Bearing Capacity as per AISC and ASME
- Tearing Tension as per AISC
- Shear Rupture Capacity as per AISC
- Gross Section Yielding per as AISC
- Single Plane Fracture Strength as per ASME
- Double Plane Fracture Strength as per ASME
- Allowable loading
- Required Weld Strength Note:

This App Features Auto-Renewable Subscriptions allowing you to use the app after the trial period is over. for more details check the subscriptions page within the App.


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